Monsoon Accessorize uses multichannel data to enhance customer offers

Monsoon Accessorize is using multichannel
data sources from both its in-store and online customers to deliver unique
personalised offers via emailed receipts. The move sees the fashion chain
provide its customers with the most sophisticated and relevant offers of any
multichannel retailer. Establishing itself as the leader in offline
personalisation, Monsoon Accessorize is providing highly targeted product
recommendations and offers via emailed receipts across its 321 UK stores.

This initiative analyses both
customers’ in-store and online purchasing habits and has been enabled via
eReceipts, the world’s leading digital receipts provider, and RichRelevance, a
specialist in omnichannel personalisation.

By leveraging over 125 machine
learning algorithms in conjunction with its real-time decisioning engine,
RichRelevance presents highly relevant personalised recommendations and offers
on customers’ emailed receipts, based on a variety of shopper inputs such as
online behaviour, items in basket, etc.With
up to 90per cent of Monsoon Accessorize’s
transactions coming from in store, identification of customers and
cross-channel buying behaviour is imperative for personalisation. While
the Monsoon reward card helps to identify some of these in-store transactions,
the eReceipts’ technology augments the card data by identifying additional
customers at checkout and linking them to their transactions.

The fashion retailer is at the
forefront of embracing technology to give customers choice and to increase
personalised customer engagement. The adoption of emailed receipts
follows Monsoon Accessorize’s announcement of Project MAX that has seen it
launch mobile devices in over 100 stores for assisted selling and
payments. It also builds on its existing relationship with RichRelevance
to provide product recommendations on Monsoon Accessorize’s website.

Monsoon Accessorize’s collaboration with eReceipts and RichRelevance furthers its ability to optimise segmentation and behavioural insight of their customers—including information on who they are, why they shop with Monsoon Accessorize and what their value is. It also delivers a customer experience that embraces a real-time, single view of the customer across all channels.

A Monsoon spokesman said: “While relevant and targeted offers have been common place for online customers, the development of our multichannel emailed receipts solution marks a significant industry first and ensures our customers will benefit from product recommendations.”

eReceipts Ltd, CEO Andrew Carroll, added: “eReceipts technology provides a powerful vehicle for linking customers across channels and communicating the resulting personalised offers in a proven highly effective way. We’re delighted to have helped facilitate an industry first with Monsoon, which sets a new benchmark of best practice for multichannel retailers.”

“Customers have come to expect a personalised experience – and digital content that thoughtfully combines online and offline data—rather than impersonally promoting generic offers—not only helps shoppers save time, but forges an emotional connection that ultimately respects the shopper, creating long-term loyalty while establishing profitability,” said RichRelevance CEO David Selinger.

With the eReceipts system experiencing open rates in excess of 70per cent, Monsoon Accessorize’s anticipated 3 million customers over the Christmas period will be able to take advantage of the most pertinent offers from any multichannel retailer.


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