Morrisons improves payment experience for UK customers

Morrisons improves payment experience for UK customers

Morrisons joins a growing list of Worldline customers in the UK adopting the Lane/3000 PIN Pad as a core part of its in-store payment system. The Worldline Lane/3000 PIN Pad will help Morrisons manage the millions of multi-lane, self-check and restaurant transactions that are processed each day, enabling consumers to pay faster at the tills and reduce overall waiting times.

Worldline has been supplying the PIN Pad interface between Morrisons and its card holding customers since the introduction of PIN verification. Ensuring reliability and a great customer experience, the L/3000 PIN Pads are fully compliant with the latest PCI regulations, guaranteeing maximum security to all encrypted debit/credit card transactions. The deployment of the new Worldline Lane/3000 PIN Pad commenced in Morrisons’ stores in September 2021.

Morrisons processes millions of encrypted card transactions each day and uses Lane/3000 PIN Pad technology, with its faster transaction speeds, to ensure customers enjoy a swift, secure and frictionless checkout experience.

Kate Lavery, technology director – customer & colleague at Morrisons, said: We are delighted to be extending our longstanding and valued partnership with Worldline. The Lane/3000 peds provide a secure offering for us and an enhanced customer experience across the retail business.”


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