Natural Baby Shower delivers saving on total shipping costs with Scurri

Natural Baby Shower delivers saving on total shipping costs with Scurri

Natural Baby Shower has reduced shipping and label production costs to improve business efficiency while optimising the post-purchase experience for its customers, with a solution from Scurri, a delivery management platform.

Founded in 2006 by Victoria Hampson and Clifton Vaughan, Natural Baby Shower disrupted the traditional baby sector by starting one of the first eCommerce websites of its kind, offering handpicked baby and parenting products to the UK market. The company stocks over 125 brands with collections that include pushchairs, strollers, clothing & footwear, in-the-home, bed & sleep, baby carriers, changing bags, baby care, and parenting aids. Sustainability is a key focus which includes working with ethical suppliers and using eco-friendly packaging, materials and manufacturing processes.

To optimise the post-purchase experience for its customers, Natural Baby Shower was seeking to improve the speed and efficiency of its delivery process. A key objective was to improve the precision of label generation to ensure that each order could be processed more quickly. The business also needed to reduce overspend on carrier services by making sure each parcel was charged at the least expensive rate.

By partnering with Scurri, Natural Baby Shower, which employs 75 people and ships around 300,000 parcels a year from its Surrey, UK distribution centre, has removed manual effort and errors as well as increased processing speed by automatically generating accurate labels. It also allows the business to integrate new carrier services easily and offer more delivery options to its customers. Using the Scurri platform, Natural Baby Shower can set automated rules, based on the dimensions or contents of each parcel, to choose the optimal carrier service for each order.

“The most tangible benefits of using Scurri is the cost saving of the label production for the service that you’re using. It makes sure we don’t overspend on our shipping costs per package,” explained Clifton Vaughan, CEO of Natural Baby Shower.

“Accurate and speedy production saves 50 per cent of the label costs for the carrier service used and with parcels going out on the right carrier service, and by not unnecessarily paying more, it saves around 10 per cent of the overall shipping cost. By setting rules to automatically select the best carrier service, the business saves up to 80p per package,” Vaughan continued.


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