Online jigsaw draws sponsors

Chocolate Buttons, Elinens, Natural Collection and Sock Shop are
among the multichannel marketers sponsoring the Golden Jigsaw, a
web-based game with a £1 million prize. Sponsors buy one of
the online puzzle’s 1,000 pieces. Following clues, game players
must search the sites of the sponsors for the jigsaw pieces, with
the first player to collect and put into place all of the pieces
winning £1 million. Scheduled to debut on 20th July, the
contest was expected to run at least six months.

“When we heard about the idea we thought it was brilliant
and extremely innovative,” said Sock Shop head Vimal Ruia.
“It is also a very cost-effective way of attracting people
who may not have heard of us yet to our site”.

Prior to the launch, Golden Jigsaw placed teasers on YouTube,
MySpace, Bebo and other social networking sites.


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