SPOKE London achieves revenue uplift

SPOKE London achieves revenue uplift

SPOKE London, the custom-fit menswear brand, has grown its digital revenues by 6 per cent by partnering with Wunderkind.

Since launching in 2014, SPOKE combines bespoke tailoring with ready-to-wear to offer customised style, fit and real craftsmanship but without the cost and hassle of traditionally tailored garments. Its collections come in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes as standard, with each garment custom-finished, offering its customers clothes that truly fit.

With increased demand for its custom-made apparel, largely driven by digital acceleration and a growing call for tailored workwear following the return to office life, SPOKE recognised the need to enhance its customer engagement strategy to capitalise on this opportunity. To achieve this, SPOKE knew it had to grow its owned marketable database and optimise its first-party data to bolster customer engagement and improve personalisation to boost conversions and increase loyalty.

Sullivan Gimaret, head of growth at SPOKE London, commented: “As a brand whose offer is all about personalisation, putting customers’ unique fit front and centre of our digital experiences, we wanted to ensure that this level of personal one-to-one interaction was embedded in every touchpoint of shoppers’ buying journeys. That meant looking at how we were building out and using 1st party data to improve and tailor customer experience”.

Through partnering with Wunderkind, SPOKE grew its opted-in database with on-site email capture built into the buying journey across various digital touchpoints. Leveraging Wunderkind’s identity resolution technology to optimise an enhanced welcome series for new shoppers and to re-engage existing customers, SPOKE is now able to recognise customer intent and understand behaviours. The technology allows the company to create personalised communications, focusing on everything from cart abandonment to stock updates, price drop notifications to customised recommendations.

In just 6 months, SPOKE London grew its owned audiences by 150 per cent from its initial target, significantly contributing to improved digital performance. Wunderkind is now SPOKE’s 3rd highest paid channel in Google Analytics and has significantly boosted the company’s total digital revenues, resulting in a 27x increase in revenue performance and a 30x increase in last-click revenue, compared to the legacy solution.

“We’ve seen significant increases in our email capture and triggered email performance with Wunderkind”, Gimaret added. “In delivering 16x ROAS, Wunderkind has now become one of our most efficient channels, playing an important role in our growth”.

Wulfric Light-Wilkinson, GM EMEA at Wunderkind International, commented: “SPOKE London is one of the best examples of a brand that is embracing customer-centricity at each and every level of its operations. By treating each customer as an individual and giving everyone a personalised experience that they genuinely value, the company has built a loyal and dedicated audience of SPOKE advocates. Through hard-baking personalisation into its product offer at every touchpoint, SPOKE has evolved its offer to truly meet consumer needs. We are delighted to have played a part in SPOKE’s journey”.


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