The Very Group partners with Amplience to transform content management system

The Very Group partners with Amplience to transform content management system

The Very Group, which operates digital retailer, has announced plans to transform its content management system through a new partnership with Amplience.

Using Amplience’s Dynamic Content solution, Very will simplify and speed up the process of managing digital content across all of its brands and devices. This will improve customer experience and boost SEO by allowing the retailer to create rich, engaging content – such as marketing content and editorial pages – across its brands and devices.

The tool will also deliver business efficiencies by enabling Very’s technology specialists to focus on more complex tasks, as the intuitive platform enables non-technical team members to easily create and deploy content without technical intervention.

The move follows recent announcements about Very’s plans to transform its eCommerce platform through a new partnership with commercetools and improve customer experience with personalised size and fit guidance by working with True Fit.

It is the latest in a series of technology and talent investments that Very is making in 2022 to modernise its tech stack towards a Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless architecture (MACH), which will allow the retailer to deliver customer experience changes more frequently and faster than ever before.

Very has also been using Amplience’s Dynamic Media solution, which allows digital media like product images to be re-created in hundreds of forms across the retailer’s website and app, for several years. This gives customers the best visual experience of any product at any given stage of their digital journey.

Matt Grest, chief information officer at The Very Group, said: “We’ve already taken some fantastic strides forward with our tech transformation, and I’m proud to be announcing the next big step through this new partnership with Amplience.

“Dynamic Content creates a better, more engaging customer experience, which has never been more important than in today’s competitive online retail environment. We have lots of exciting plans in this space.”

James Brooke, founder and CEO of Amplience, added: “We’re pleased to be building on our long-term relationship with Very through this new partnership. They’re a great example of a retailer putting customer experience front and centre with every decision, and Amplience’s Dynamic Content solution provides endless opportunities to create compelling digital experiences.”


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