Ocado uses Buyapowa for customer-get-customer acquisition

Ocado moots showroom opening

Buyapowa is working with Ocado to extend its ‘Invite-a-Friend’ marketing programme.

integrating the Buyapowa technology into its website, Ocado will
incentivise all of its customers to refer their friends and family with
easy to use integrated sharing tools for email, social networks, SMS,
and instant messaging apps like Whatsapp. Referrals will be tracked by
the Buyapowa platform and reflected in leaderboards where customers can
compete to win rewards.

Invite-a-Friend programme will run continually with the themes and
rewards changing regularly to keep the campaigns fresh and relevant to
key events in the retailer’s calendar. By combining concepts like
personal rewards, gamification and communal targets, Ocado will look to
motivate as many customers as possible to take part by rewarding both
individuals and groups for their referral efforts.

Tomaidis, Head of Marketing and Insight for Grocery at Ocado says “At
Ocado we are delighted when our satisfied customers help spread the word
about our fantastic service. Having
run invite-a-friend schemes in the past, we’re are excited to test the
potential of the Buyapowa software to generate large scale referrals.”

Lask, CEO, Buyapowa says: “This is about restoring word of mouth
marketing to its rightful place as the top priority for brands and
retailers.  By
combining concepts such as personal rewards, gamification and communal
targets, we incentivise referrals by a large percentage of customers
because we provide something for everyone, either as an individual
referrer or as part of the entire group. In contrast to traditional
referral schemes, which attract participation from only a tiny
percentage of customers and are predominantly ‘one to one’ referral
schemes, this is about convincing lots of customers to go the extra mile
and enabling ‘one to many’ referrals. We can’t wait to see the power of the platform combined with the strength of Ocado’s brand and customer base.”

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