Long Tall Sally to test US catalogue

Long Tall Sally, a UK multichannel cataloguer/retailer of
speciality-size women’s apparel will test a 50,000-circulation
US version of its Christmas catalogue, priced in dollars. Orders
will be fulfilled from Long Tall Sally’s warehouse in Croydon,
but the company will use a US-based call centre and returns
handling facility.

It is also looking to the web to expand globally. In October it
will go live on a new eCommerce platform that can manage multiple
sites and currencies, supported by an integrated content
management system. Long Tall Sally is the first to sign up to the
QuickLive Commerce platform, developed by multichannel software
vendors Hybris and PortalTech. Among the benefits of the platform
are enhanced merchandising and promotional tools such as
full-text search facilities, interactive product recommendations
and a user review system that allows customers to rate the
products and the overall shopping experience.


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