MRA calls for BRICS break-up

MRA calls for BRICS break-up

In response to the controversy surrounding yesterday’s BRICS summit, at which China, Russia and South Africa supported a massive expansion of BRICS to challenge the current world order, the MRA says the West should break BRICS apart by forcing India and Brazil to make a choice.

Mark Dixon, MRA founder said: “An expansion of BRICS is against Western and democratic values. The plan is nothing other than an attempt by China and Russia to undermine the West. It should be seen for what it is and concerted counter-action should be taken.

It is vital to undermine the expansion plan by forcing India and Brazil to make a choice between the Chinese-Russian market and the vast Western markets. It’s likewise critical to send the message to the 40 countries that have shown an interest in joining BRICS that they will also have to choose.New

BRICS makes no moral sense, is actively being positioned to endanger Western values, and should be relegated to history by a coordinated, proactive strategy.”


The MRA’s initiative to break up BRICS fits with its policy that the world should be separated into two economic blocs, a ‘Democratic Market’ and an ‘Undemocratic Market’. To make the point, it is proposing a set of new global acronyms calling out undemocratic nations.

Mr. Dixon continued, “We should take the dictatorships of China and Russia out of BRICS and throw them into a new basket with countries like Afghanistan, North Korea and Syria. That’s where they really belong on moral and strategic grounds. None of them should enjoy access to democratic market economies. The five conveniently spell CRANKS, and their promotion of false values fits with the meaning of the word.

Let’s push the undemocratic world into an acronym that defines what it comprises, and then cut it off economically.”

Acronym attack

Mr. Dixon expanded the MRA’s use of acronyms for dictatorships and dictators:

“CRANKS may be the right acronym for some of the worst undemocratic countries in the world, but, if we want to zero in on what makes them CRANKS, five labels spring to mind: totalitarian, oligarchic, abusing rights, dictatorial and spinning truth. These conveniently spell TOADS, so we now have a shorthand way to see our moral enemies for what they are.

Since dictatorships are not always the source, but are often instead the product, of dictators, we can also assemble a basket of the leaders of the CRANKS. Their presidents – Xi, Assad, Putin, Akhundzada and Kim – combine to form XAPAK.”


Mr. Dixon said that no acronym perfectly described the current moral-political landscape.

“Of course, there isn’t an acronym long enough to cope with the sorry state of the world in which we live, which is precisely why we need to create the Democratic Market without delay and start to shorten the list.

Till then, if we want to be more comprehensive, we could designate an Undemocratic Market consisting of Uzbekistan, North Korea, Djibouti, Egypt, Myanmar, Oman, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey and Syria. They conveniently form the acronym UNDEMOCRATS.”

Noting that the UNDEMOCRATS acronym doesn’t cover all undemocratic countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran being key ones), Mr. Dixon added: “The days of investing in the BRICS must be followed by a new era of active divestment and sanctioning of the CRANKS, the UNDEMOCRATS and all nations that are TOADS.”

Democratic Market

The MRA’s ‘acronym warfare’ fits into its moral-political-economic strategy of separating the world into two economic blocs, a ‘Democratic Market’ and an ‘Undemocratic Market’.

Unplugging Russia from the West is the first step. Autocratic and totalitarian countries, like Russia and China, will cooperate with each other due to lack of alternatives and become poorer and less powerful.

The Democratic Market will be many times larger and will make democratic nations much richer than countries run by dictators. It will eventually assure free trade between the US, EU, UK, India and every democratic country, and impose barriers against the totalitarian and autocratic world.

Mr. Dixon added: “We need to shift the wealth gap from dividing people, and from dividing developed and developing economies, and apply it instead for a good purpose: to divide democratic and undemocratic nations.

If an undemocratic nation wants to escape economic decline, it will need to become democratic. Its people will be motivated to remove their dictator so they can be welcomed into the Democratic Market. This will be an ‘idealogical free market’, in which economic survival is the reward for democratic actions, and economic failure is the consequence of undemocratic or autocratic actions.”

Mr. Dixon explained why a new world economic order is needed: “The way we play our economic cards will determine whether we give democracy a long-term chance on the planet or we continue to finance totalitarianism to the point where it overpowers democracy in the end.”


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