News roundup—ASOS, People Tree and more

News roundup—ASOS, People Tree and more

Another story about how well fashion etailer ASOS is doing despite the economic downturn, this time in The Guardian. The article does divulge something new, though: ASOS plans to launch an online marketplace in February, “which will initially allow shoppers to trade second-hand goods and towards the end of the year will also allow small fashion boutiques to upload their products”.

A recipient of the Studio catalogue failed to see the humour in one of its products: the Become a Chav novelty gift. The kit includes a book of slang, a quiz and a fake ASBO, reports the Teesside Gazette. reflects on the 100th anniversary of the Barbour catalogue.

Congratulations, People Tree: the apparel catalogue won the Green Web Awards in the fashion category, reports The Telegraph. Another catalogue, Howies, was a runner-up. The awards were organised by Nigel Berman, founder of etailer Nigel’s Eco Store.


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