Shipster partners with Eurora to navigate changes in cross-border trade compliance

Shipster partners with Eurora to navigate changes in cross-border trade compliance

Manchester-based shipping integration platform, Shipster, has announced a new partnership with Eurora, an AI/ML-backed cross-border trade compliance platform. The partnership comes amidst significant changes in the global shipping industry, as eCommerce businesses work to adapt to new regulations and requirements for cross-border transactions, customs declarations, and import/export procedures.

Using Eurora’s AI solutions, Shipster can automate its clients’ global trade and compliance processes. In particular, Eurora’s complete database of duty and tax rates worldwide will help ensure compliance and avoid legal issues and fines for eCommerce businesses dealing with the recent changes in VAT regulations.

One such change is the introduction of the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) by the EU in July 2021, which was meant to simplify the collection and payment of VAT for companies exporting low-value goods (up to €150) to the block. However, registering for the IOSS scheme can be complex and time-consuming for non-EU businesses, which must rely on a VAT intermediary registered in the EU, like Eurora.

Max Bartholomew, partnerships manager, Shipster (Oddsphere Ltd.) said ‘We are excited to partner with Eurora, a dynamic European company addressing post-Brexit shipping needs. The collaboration adds significant value to Shipster and our clients by streamlining their cross-border shipping operations and enhancing their ability to navigate complex regulatory environments.’

Paul Scratchly, commercial director, Eurora “Our aim is to simplify the compliance process for Shipster and its clients looking to expand internationally – allowing them to focus on growing their business while Eurora takes care of the complexities of regulatory adherence, ultimately creating a seamless and hassle-free experience for eCommerce companies.’


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