‘Unplanned’ Prime Day purchases to fall 10 per cent

‘Unplanned’ Prime Day purchases to fall 10 per cent

Research carried out among UK shoppers in June 2022 finds the number of people planning to shop on Amazon on Prime Day has remained consistent year-on-year (41 per cent). However, the proportion of people who say they typically make ‘unplanned purchases’ has fallen by 10 per cent.

With consumers doing more and more research into what they buy, 56 per cent say they already know what products they plan to purchase. 83 per cent are confident they will buy products based on the best deals available across Amazon and other sites.

As in 2021, almost a quarter (24 per cent) of consumers will purchase on other sites that run Prime Day promotions – this is more than half of the 41 per cent who say they will buy on Amazon. In fact, 85 per cent of consumers say they will repeatedly search for deals throughout the Prime sales period, highlighting the opportunity beyond Amazon’s domain.

In terms of the products being sought after, year-on-year the categories which have grown the most include home appliances (up 40 per cent), gardening (27 per cent), furnishings (17 per cent) and toys & games (up 17 per cent).

Ryan Cook, UK MD at Criteo comments, “We are naturally seeing greater shopper consideration around Prime Day purchases and this is driving traffic to other retailer sites. With consumers planning their spending ahead of time and with more emphasis on cost savings, the growing appetite for competitive experiences across the open web should be complemented by smart retailer investment into these commercial opportunities.

“Sales moments like this play an important role in incentivising purchases and it’s to the benefit of brands and retailers that people are focusing on meaningful purchases. Increasingly, we’re seeing savvy retailers looking to open new revenue channels, for instance, by monetising their owned online properties. This relies on an accurate view of shopper interests and intent to deliver relevant advertising in keeping with great online experiences.”


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