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Shoppers prize rich and reliable product data, survey shows

The world’s consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of rich, accurate, and consistent product information, and will pay a premium to brands that deliver strong product experiences, according to a new research by Akeneo.

The annual survey, conducted for Akeneo in February by Opinion Way, saw 3,500 consumers from seven countries on four different continents share their views on B2C product experiences.

Among the survey’s key findings was that almost half of the consumers would pay a ten per cent or greater premium for accurate product information, with seven per cent of shoppers even willing to pay over 50 per cent extra.

More than half of shoppers would also pay more for products featuring clear information about brand values, such as carbon footprint, product miles, or responsible sourcing information.

In contrast, three-quarters of consumers would switch brands following a bad experience with product information.

Four out of five consumers would also abandon a planned purchase, and almost six out of ten would return a product, if they encountered flawed product information.

According to the findings, consumers all over the world now routinely use modalities such as search and social recommendations to research products online before making in-store purchases. And, almost four out of five shoppers are interested in receiving product information using new technologies such as chatbots, virtual reality, or voice assistants.

While in-store sales representatives remain highly trusted sources of product information, 81 per cent of consumers say they conduct online research before deciding on an in-store purchase.

Fred de Gombert, Akeneo’s CEO, said: “Consumers encounter product information every time they make a purchase, and they’re increasingly proactive about seeking out clear, accurate, and consistent product experiences.

“This survey shows that all over the world, consumers expect brands to deliver strong, product-driven experiences – and that as consumers grow more discerning about product information, they’re increasingly willing to pay a significant premium to reward brands that get this right.”

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