CWU says yes to strikes

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has voted in favour of a
national postal strike. Announcing the results of its ballot this
afternoon (8th October), the union said postal workers voted in a
majority of three-to-one in favour of industrial action.

In a statement, the CWU said that a national strike can still be
averted if an agreement is reached between Royal Mail and the
union regarding modernisation and job security.

Royal Mail condemned the union’s plan for a strike as
“deplorable and irresponsible”. Mark Higson, Royal
Mail’s managing director, said in a statement, “It is
clearly reprehensible for the union to continue to hold strikes
when the priority facing everyone in Royal Mail is to deliver the
best possible service to customers in the run up to
Christmas.” He urged the union to call off the strikes and
return to the discussion table.

Catalogue e-business is closely following the postal
strike developments and will deliver the latest news via the
website. Subscribers to the print edition can look forward to a
special feature in our November issue looking at alternative
postal and carrier services.

If you would like to share your experiences and tell us how the
recent localised strikes have affected you and what a national
strike would mean to your business, email us at


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