Mascus localises its English-language sites

Aware that one English-language website doesn’t fit all
English-language speakers, Mascus last month launched localised
websites for the UK, US, Australian, Canadian, Irish, New
Zealand, and South African markets. A global marketplace for
sellers of used heavy machinery and transportation vehicles,
Mascus also has websites in more than two dozen other languages,
including Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German,
Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and
Ukrainian, serving 32 countries in all. The company is a division
of Finnish firm Alma Media Oyj.

“By implementing Mascus’s internationalisation strategy we
are aiming to reflect trading patterns among the
countries,” explained Tomasz Odrobinski,
marketing/internationalisation director. “As we were
informed by the major manufacturers in the English-speaking
countries, despite their big geographical distances they want to
stay in close trade cooperation when it comes to heavy machinery
and transportation vehicles. A good example can be the
cooperation of Australian and South African dealers. In Australia
the end users of heavy construction machinery are genuinely
interested in purchase possibilities from South Africa, and South
Africans are interested in purchase possibilities of mining
machinery from Australia. Those two countries are similar not
only because of the language but also in terms of popularity of
certain brands and such simple but important aspects as the usage
of right-hand drive.”


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