News roundup—17th June 2009

News roundup—17th June 2009

Marks & Spencer will expand its global shipping
programme this autumn, enabling customers in 70 countries to
order from its website. It will also ship orders to tourists
from those countries who make their purchases while in the UK,
reports The Scotsman. M&S began delivering a
selection of its range to Australia, Canada, France, Germany,
New Zealand, Spain, and the US in the autumn.

If you’re still not convinced that companies can monetise
social media, consider this recent news from Dell: Its
@DellOutlet Twitter feed, which is the primary promotional tool
for the computer company’s Dell Outlet site, which sells
refurbished machines, generated $1 million in sales in the past
six months. And according to The New York Times, “Dell has also
earned another $1 million from people who click from Twitter to
Dell Outlet to and make a purchase there”.

Retailing organisation EuroCommerce has filed an antitrust
complaint against Visa Europe. Bloomberg quotes a statement from
EuroCommerce: “The Visa interchange fee procedure is
completely unfair. Retailers are forced to pay for a range of
services from which they do not benefit. Bank rates are the
only services which retailers, even the largest ones, are not
able to negotiate.” The complaint follows charges filed
in April by the European Commission and a settlement that same
month by MasterCard regarding similar charges.


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