News roundup—18th June 2008

News roundup—18th June 2008

Woolworths chief executive Trevor Bish-Jones
has agreed to resign from the flagging retailer after six years
at the helm and four years of declining same-store sales,
according to Bloomberg.

For the fiscal year ended 30th April, EBTM,
a marketer of “music-inspired fashion”, reported its
first full-year operating profit. Revenue rose 401 per cent, to
£6.78 million, due primarily to its acquisition last year of
clothing brands Lowlife and
Atticus, as well as to its growing web sales.
The company also announced the appointment of Stephen Mark
Walters as chief operating officer.

“Christmas savings firm Park Group has
said its sales are recovering after the failure of hamper firm
Farepak in 2006 hit confidence in the
industry,” reports BBC News. Christmas revenues for 2007 were down 34
per cent from the previous year, but so far this year orders are
up 17 per cent, which the company called

John Lewis Partnership has a new head of
creative services reports Design Week: Paul Porral, creative director
of Design House. He joins John Lewis on 4th August.

The Independent looks at what one expert
calls “an incredibly anti-competitive situation” in
the world of search engine marketing following last week’s
announcement of a tie-up between Google and


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