News roundup—19th June 2008

News roundup—19th June 2008

May retail sales in the UK rose 3.5 per cent, according to the
Office for National Statistics, the greatest increase of
year-on-year monthly sales since the office began keeping records
20 years ago. And for the year to date, sales increased 8.1
per cent, the most since 2002. “This is off the
scale,”’ an economist told Bloomberg. “This number shows more
resilience in the UK consumer than we had thought, but the
underlying picture remains one of weakness.”

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s yesterday
stopped accepting online orders, reports the
“We have temporarily frozen our online home
delivery website having identified a technical issue,”
reads a message on the site. Sainsbury’s has not disclosed
details of the problem, though it “stressed there was no
suggestion that people’s personal details were at risk”,
nor has it said when it will reinstate its online shopping

Toys and novelties cataloguer/retailer Hawkin’s
Bazaar is opening its first Yorkshire store in
September, reports the York Press.


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