News roundup—2nd June 2008

News roundup—2nd June 2008

The Times takes a closer look at
Findel’s debt problems. The company issued a profit warning in April. Said
chairman Keith Chapman: “The City was disappointed
because we didn’t meet expectations and I think the manner in
which we announced that caused a lot of disquiet – I understand

“Morgan Stanley rekindles DSG bid
speculation,” reports The Independent–specifically a bid by US
retailer Best Buy. But DSG International, whose brands
include consumer electronics retailers PC World and
Currys, again denied the rumours.

Next is suing Asda for copyright infringement.
According to The Times, “War has broken out
between the two big high-street names over claims that Asda
copied Next’s clothing designs.”

A columnist for the Business Standard describes a Boden
reactivation email as “maddeningly jaunty”-but
apparently it was effectiveness nonetheless: “I don’t
like your prose style, but … you got my attention and thrust
your message down my throat. Your prize is that I’m now going
to buy some more trousers for my husband as I notice that after
18 months’ hard wearing his old ones are getting a bit shiny on
the bottom.”

Apparently the Queen thinks Kate Middleton should get a
“proper job” before settling down with Prince
William. The Mail on Sunday reports that Kate is
currently working for her parents’ mail-order company, Party
Pieces, which supplies children’s party gifts. Meanwhile,
Kate’s brother is also joining the family business having just
launched The Cake Kit company, a sister company to Party

Is offering a next-day delivery service undoing all the good
work of eco-sensitive mailers? The Observer’s Ethical Dilemma column certainly thinks so:
“The slower the post, the more sustainable it would be,
but as consumers, we want it quick. For ‘next-day delivery’ read
carbon intensive.”


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