News roundup—5th June 2009

News roundup—5th June 2009

Freemans Grattan Holdings is shutting its Montage
catalogue brand. In a letter to customers, the company said
that “unfortunately in the current economic climate, the
business has decided to focus its efforts on core
brands”, which include Freemans, Kaleidoscope, and Montage is accepting orders through 14th June
and accepting returns until 27th July.

Remember how papers were reporting yesterday that
Arcandor was unlikely to get bailed out by the
German government? Today, according to Bloomberg, “EU Commissioner Guenter
Verheugen said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio that
Arcandor may qualify for aid from a German crisis fund, calling
yesterday’s reports saying the opposite ‘simply wrong.”.

Discount fashion cataloguer M and M Direct has started
selling outside of the UK. Its website now offers pricing in
euros as well as pounds, and it ships to Belgium, France,
Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, and the Netherlands.


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