News roundup—5th March 2008

News roundup—5th March 2008 is to enter the US wine market reports
The Financial Times. The paper compared
its prospects to, which has had a “long history
of financial problems”. Because of tight state
restrictions brought in after Prohibition, is only
allowed to ship wine to customers in 26 states. Adding to its
costs, it has to operate from 10 different warehouses that buy
from state-licensed wholesalers.

Motley Fool is advising investors to stock up on Staples. Following Office Depot’s
bigger than expect profits fall, the site tips Staples as
2008’s strongest player in the office supplies sector.

Tchibo may be on the verge of exiting its UK operations.
A story that appeared in German newspaper Die Welt (and
covered in the UK here) reports that the retailer, which
operates coffee shops, as well as retail outlets and a mail
order business of household items and apparel, is shedding 300
jobs and axing a tenth of its stores. It is unclear whether the
home shopping arm is affected.


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