News roundup—5th March 2009

News roundup—5th March 2009

Shoe Studio, one of the Mosaic Fashions brands
not acquired out of a prepack administration earlier this week,
was bought out of administration yesterday by fellow footwear
retailer Dune.

The Bank of England is expected to cut interest rates today
yet again. At 1 per cent, rates are already at a record low,
reports The Guardian, which expects the bank to
also begin “qualitative easing”-buying
“billions of pounds of assets, usually government bonds,
from cash-strapped banks, in the hope that they will push the
money back out again in loans to the public”.

Bedroom furniture cataloguer Feather & Black has put a
new spin on hiding one’s money under the mattress. As The Telegraph notes, it has introduced a
divan bed with a small safe concealed inside.

In an article about how to get your garden started,
The Guardian recommends Organic
Gardening Catalogue, Real Seed Catalogue, and Seeds of
Italy as sources of seeds.


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