News roundup—7th February

News roundup—7th February

RS Components expects the web to account for half of its
turnover by the next year, the catalogue distributor told
Electronic Weekly.

Watch out, Vital Beauty: Consumer reporters Penman and
Sommerlad of The Mirror will be looking out for its
latest UK catalogues to see if the Belgium-based company
backslides into the “misleading” practices that got
it into trouble with the Office of Fair Trading last year.
The Mirror team also “expose sick playboy who preys on our
by misleading consumers into thinking that
by purchasing from his Best Of and Biotonic catalogues they can
win £11,500.

Will the Linley website be seeing a surge of traffic
now that The Times has named gifts from the
company, led by furniture maker (and nephew of Queen Elizabeth)
David Linley, as one of its picks for collectibles expected to
be paying a handsome return in the year 2030?


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